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Cegeka - 2021/5578

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We are looking for an experienced Back-end Developer Shop.

Informatie over de opdracht

We are looking for developers that write clean, concise, testable and maintainable code.

We are working in a dynamic environment, collaborating with many different teams and stakeholders. You will primarily be working on the BackEnd for FrontEnd (BFF) microservice. This is not a typical backend, but a layer that takes care of things such as presentation logic, and aggregates different south-bound services to make the life of the FE easier.

As soon as you are an experienced member of the team you will take part in standby shifts as well, as our product runs 24/7. We do not have room for junior developers, or senior developers who do not have experience in Python.

Eisen waaraan je moet voldoen

  • Python and AIOHTTP (or another Python web framework, e.g. Django);
  • Unit testing (PyTest);
  • Experienced developing REST APIs;
  • English speaking;
  • Collaborating and communicating closely with other front-end and back-end teams;
  • Experience with CI/CD (Jenkins);
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.

Waar verder de voorkeur naar uitgaat

Experience with:

  • DevOps;
  • Operations;
  • E-commerce;
  • Telco;
  • Working in Agile environments;
  • AWS.

Extra informatie

Subletting is not permitted.

Delivery by Yellow Friday to KPN takes place via Cegeka.
There is no chain formation/forwarding because Yellow Friday has executed the tender together with Cegeka and is a formal subcontractor. Yellow Friday takes care of the recruitment of external staff when Cegeka's own employees are not available.

Opdracht status

Yellow Friday


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